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The paved trail to Angels Landing starts out quite gradual considering the climbing that lies ahead. Views of Angels Landing come from the very start — a towering slab of sandstone protruding into Zion Canyon.

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The trail progresses toward the canyon rim to the south of the landing. This steep wall looks impassable at first, but improbably a route has been established switching up the steep rock. The trail heads straight back through this level hanging canyon, searching for some way up the steep rock wall. Amazingly, Walter had no engineering experience. Above the dizzying switchbacks, the trail arrives at Scout Lookout , which has pungent bathrooms and fine views of Angels Landing and Zion Canyon.

This point is 2. It is another half mile to Angels Landing along a bold trail that requires the use of fixed chain railings to safely cross the dramatic fin jutting into Zion Canyon. Wear solid footwear, hold on to the chains, and try not to look down as you follow the now-rugged track along the tricky traverse.

In addition to frightening drop offs and exposed crossings, the route is steep in spots, requiring modest scrambling. Take your time and enjoy the journey.

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The views from the landing are even more panoramic than Scout Lookout. Reaching the end of the monolith is a real accomplishment, and the thrilling trail itself is half the experience. Take a break, have a snack, and make sure you feel at full capacity before heading down the potentially treacherous trail.

Hikers fall to their death from Angels Landing each year, so do be cautious. Once you get back to Scout Lookout, the paved trail provides a relatively quick descent.

Joe's Guide to Zion National Park - Angels Landing Hiking Guide

It is also one you will remember forever — a truly classic trail. To get to the trailhead: Between May and October, access to Zion Canyon is restricted to shuttle traffic only. Head west toward the river to find the trailhead. View Zion National Park in a larger map Or view a regional map of surrounding Utah trails and campgrounds.

An eHike to Angels Landing on nps.

Angels Landing on Utah. Angels Landing on wikipedia. Angels Landing on travelerted. The official website for Zion National Park. Great hike but a little over-rated. Hidden Canyon viewpoint looks down on this hike which is awesome. May Angles landing is spectacular. I hiked Hidden canyon the day before to acclimate myself to the drop offs as I am afraid of heights.

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My wife and I also hiked the 8 mile hike to Observation pt. My take, after I quit breaking out in cold sweats from the drop offs the never ending line of people it took and hour and a half to go up and back it was well worth the effort. The views are spectacular from all three hikes. If you are just going for the view Observation point is much better, it allows you to see more of the Canyons. Adventure can be had hiking Angles landing. I was actually more nervous after reaching the top than up or down hiking, it is a unnatural fear of heights that makes it feel as if it is pulling me over the edge.

Well worth the hike, just stay within your limits. There is no shame in turning back if it overwhelms you. From Ohio and unfamiliar with temps in S Utah. Is this doable or skip and hike Angels Landing Etc. I have hiked all over the State of Utah in the past 40 years. I lugged a full back-back up the trail with the intention of camping on top of the West Rim.

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So we decided to do it. What a nightmare, passing each other while all of us clutched the chain for dear life. But I overcame my fear and did the Hike. It was well worth it. We continued on to the top of the West Rim where we camped for two nights. Gorgeous views, well worth the hike. Thank you for the inspiration!! Scout Lookout is generally the turnaround point for those who are unwilling to make the final summit push to the top of Angels Landing. The National Park Service website officially recognizes eight fatalities where suspicious activity was not involved along Angels Landing.

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