Guide CHAKRA POWER! How to Fire Up Your Energy Centers to Live a Fuller Life

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By Ellen Wood J. My life story, interwoven with the healing and balancing techniques that have kept me uplifted — emotionally, physically and spiritually, Chakra Secrets , is FREE today on Amazon Kindle. I invite you to download it, give it a read, and please take a moment to say what you found interesting or helpful on Amazon reviews.

Harris, editor and author of Double Take Chakra Secrets by Becca Chopra is part memoir, part fun, part romance, part drama and pure inspiration.

Harriette Knight: Chakras and Gemstones

Just go to http: Love, sex and chakras. It details the 7 chakras and how to tap into them, including instructions on how to cure what ails you.

Book Review - Chakra Power!

What I love most about these books is that they read like a novel, and that the stories overlap. They are totally engaging and engrossing and difficult to put down. She bares her soul for all of us to see, and relate to. There is a human-ness that is shared that goes beyond author and reader.

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I love how Becca intertwines her own journey with the teachings of yoga and the chakras. She is a gift to all of us and a voice that needs to be heard. I am a fan of memoir and I just love a true story. Becca is brutally honest in this tale of finding herself. I am also an author of memoirs and her story reminded me of myself. She went through heartbreak, confusion, adventures, and learned valuable lessons. I love her writing style, and found the book hard to put down. Becca also teaches us about chakras in the book and gives a great exercise to open them up.

I am eager to try it. I have also ordered her other books. She has a new fan! Chakras are our energy centers that affect directly influence everything from our financial security, our sex life and self esteem to how we give and receive love, express ourselves and practice spirituality. Thankfully there are many ways, from yoga and meditation to mind-body techniques, that we can use to help balance our chakras. How do you know if your chakras are in balance?

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  • Chakra Power! by Harriette Knight.
  • Chakra Power!.

For example, if you are feeling insecure, it's hard to have a good foundation for a relationship or profitable career, so you'll want to strengthen your first or Root Chakra. If you feel needy, crave touch and sex and want to feel more passionate and creative, you should work on unblocking your second or Sacral Chakra. All seven of the chakras have an impact on our lives.

If you would like the companion video on how to perform the chakra healing technique I share, simply email me for a FREE link at Becca thechakras. Are you feeling strong, determined and decisive? Are you confident you will achieve your goals?

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  8. The balanced Solar Plexus Chakra will be your best friend in achieving success. Located at the navel, the third chakra, the Solar Plexus Chakra, is the focal point of our identity, self-esteem and vitality.

    How to Fire Up Your Chakras! with Harriette Knight

    This chakra center governs how you assert your personal power, follow your gut instincts, take risks and make decisions. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Dec 11, Yvonne rated it it was amazing. When I opened the book and glanced through the first few pages, I chuckled when I read the acknowledgments. The author thanked each of her chakras for their help in writing the book. I knew I would like the book and the author. As a student of metaphysics, I found this book to be right on target although basic in its approach.

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    It provides a simple but thorough overview to introduce newbies to the concept of chakras: A separate chapter is dedicated to learning more about specific features and duties of individual chakras. There's a chapter on how to get your chakras burning brighter. The author goes into a little more detail about what happens when the chakras are out of sync and tells what causes the imbalance. She also gives suggestions and exercises to release blockages and restore health to body, mind, and spirit.

    Chakra Meditation by Harriette Knight, Author of CHAKRA POWER!

    I liked the bonus section on gemstones and the chakra meditation at the end of chapter Overall, a very good way to start learning about the body's energy centers and how to recognize and enhance connection with Mother Earth and Divine Source as well as asking for assistance from angels and spirit guides. I highly recommend this book!

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