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Excellent stay and kind hosts. Our 3rd visit of Sos Alinos and I hope that not last one! Nearest beach is no more than m from the gates. Our stay at Stefano's apartment was wonderful! This was our first family vacation with our toddler and the apartment ended up being the perfect choice for the most relaxing beach vacation. Eliana and Salvatore's house is very beautiful, much better that in the photos. Alghero km away. Cagliari km away. Porto-Vecchio km away. Ajaccio km away. Olbia 60 km away.

San Teodoro 39 km away. Villasimius km away. Unlike many other stars of the 30s and 40s, says producer Barbara Obermaier, Hedy Lamarr merged completely with the Dream Factory, its publicity and marketing machines. She mixed fiction and truth, acting and life, hopping from one to the other. She is a very creative and strong woman worth to discover. Which brings us to Frequency Hopping. Patent number 2,,, awarded in , was for the Secret Communication System, a torpedo guidance system in which the control signal changed frequencies to avoid enemy jamming.

Simple yet brilliant, frequency hopping and the related spread spectrum form the backbone of today s communications networks. Frequency hopping, as in keeping everyone guessing, was also a principle of Hedy s whole life, says Fosco Dubini. There was Hedy the actress, Hedy the public figure, Hedy the private woman, Hedy the mystery and Hedy the inventor. Who was this fascinating, bewitching and constantly elusive woman exactly?

Of the Swiss-German-Canadian co-production partners, Dubini Filmproduktion specializes in documentary and theatrical features on historical and cultural subjects. Vancouver-based MI Films specializes, says president Monique Indra, in select feature films and TV programs with an emphasis on international co-productions. A torpedo is fired, unerringly, unstoppably towards its target, says Obermaier. Can you think of any better allegory for this truly original sex bomb from Hollywood? Although it s not possible to translate the word directly into English, Huettenzauber is a combination of the German words Huette, meaning a hut or cabin, and Zauber, meaning magic.

So think magical going s-on in a cabin. Except these particular going s-on are anything but magical as a group of five young and nouveaux riches bon vivants on their way to Prague discover. Following the inevitable car accident, the five find themselves stranded in a lonely mountain cabin in the middle of nowhere. The following days drag by. They have too much time on their hands, far too much time in which to do nothing and the cabin is becoming increasingly smaller. Power and role-playing games come to the fore and before long the collective desire to kill someone, anyone, proves irresistible.

The film shows, says Dornbach, how easily a supposedly functioning group of people, who ve known each other and supposedly been friends for years, is actually a seething cauldron of hatreds, rivalries and jealousies just waiting to explode. It just needs the right catalyst. For example, there s a flock of black birds that appears to prevent them from finding their way out of the chaos and is also the cause of the accident at the beginning of the film. Then there is the mysterious cupboard that spits out an inexhaustible supply of increasingly new and weird objects.

A strange power seems to be pulling all the strings and split the group apart. And yet the cabin s occupants somehow pull through. They stand on the verge of triumph against the odds. Except somebody should really have told Yvonne not to eat the fish! He has the writer s flat bugged and consequently is able to follow him invisibly everywhere he goes.

Nothing remains hidden from the eyes and ears of the Stasi. But through the enforced closeness to Dreyman and his girlfriend Christa-Maria Martina Gedeck , the officer himself begins to discover new worlds of love, art and the desire for freedom. I had the idea for a film about the Stasi as far back as and really began intensive research after Der Templer in , von Donnersmarck recalls.

I had an affinity for the subject because I had grown up here in West Berlin from , and since my mother comes from Magdeburg, we were often in the East. Apart from researching in books and museums, he also met with victims of the secret service s machinations as well as former Stasi officers to get first-hand accounts of their methods of observation.

But the young director also found that many of his crew members had stories to tell which would give the film s plot even more authenticity. The exterior and interior props men were both imprisoned by the Stasi and the man who did the making of was in Hohenschoenhausen for two years, von Donnersmarck explains. And my AD had the same function on the Hoelderlin film, also with Ulrich Muehe back in , the time of my film. It was more than a film for many of the people on the production, it was a re-appraisal of their past. They all identified so closely and personally with the story.

With Bauer, for example, I didn t have the feeling that he had to play his figure he was this person, an intellectual and a sensitive artist. Von Donnersmarck points out that he never considered making the film in English: I think it is good to tackle a German subject in German and try to come as near as possible to an authenticity which has a lot to do with the language and sees the plot as more Hitchcock than Elia Kazan, but with a little of both.

There are real thriller elements because you always have several levels: And the same is for the Stasi when they are out and about and you have them being observed as well. Among the maxims of the film business is that comedy is the hardest genre to make. Which is precisely why Haase opted to make one his debut film.

It s a challenge, he says. My last film school project was a tragicomedy and I wanted to go all the way. Citing British films such as Brassed Off and Billy Elliot, dogma, old Billy Wilder greats and contemporary German directors such as Leander Haussmann, Haase likes his comedy to be grounded in realistic characters, otherwise they re just idiots and proles, he says.

The relationship founders and they re affected you have to show that. But in the script they are writing, the comedy is exaggerated as a counterpoint and I take them and their problems seriously, otherwise you just have slapstick. The humor comes from the crazy way they try to solve their problems. Maran Films, Baden Wuerttemberg s biggest production company, specializes in all genres from crime and comedy to event programming for TV and theatrical features.

Of their working relationship, Haase has nothing but praise. They re very relaxed, very constructive and experienced. We discuss and the best ideas win. I never dreamed my first feature could go like this. It was a great collaboration.

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We always wanted to work together and now we are! I just had to do it! It s a comedy with drama, a drama with comedy. There were just so many possibilities. As soon as I d read the first half I knew this was the one! Reduced to the max, Das Leben der Philosophen is the story of student Pablo who lacks the necessary drive.

Instead, together with his buddies Scott and Amundsen, he writes a script for a crime film, the three of them dream of hitting the big time. If only there wasn t all this complicated business with women. It s not just a straightforward story. The script was very visual with a certain lightness. Wagner Screenplay Petra K. But Maria had not told Anni that she was ill and had also pretended that she herself was the sought-after designer.

The grief-stricken Jost is unable to bring himself to tell Anni about his wife s death and continues the correspondence, as Maria. But when he falls in love with her and they meet, he learns that Anni s life is also not quite how she had described it. It s a classic love story, says producer Eric Steppenbeck, but with modern means. The internet lets you tell bigger and better lies! Great love stories can also begin with banal correspondence and lies sometime bring truths to light, which nobody could have even guessed at beforehand, says writer-director Petra K.

It s very exciting to make a film in which the characters already have a piece of their lives behind them. This way, the story hides many more surprises. A look at the cast shows Wagner and Stappenbeck have picked from the cream of today s Teutonic top talent. And in the U. In , two episodes of the Schimanski detective series were also Emmy-nominated. Michelsen s credits include the domestic and international hit Der Tunnel while Anna Thalbach s last big screen appearance was in Oliver Hirschbiegel s Der Untergang I m very proud of the cast, says Steppenbeck.

Goetz was the first to say yes and he made casting suggestions. And Claudia is a great actress, she can grab an audience and is credible. As for that basic pitfall of love stories kitsch Stappenbeck isn t scared. I love Douglas Sirk films, he says. A bit of kitsch never hurts! Especially when the actors can play with humor and a pinch of irony.

There s still room for powerful emotions. The title, Maria an Callas, is a reference to Maria Callas, whose music features, as well as one of the characters being called Maria. And, in German, when you someone, you send it an that person. Jopp received the book as a present and knew immediately on reading it that she wanted to see the story up on the cinema screen. It is a consistent development for me with respect to its contents and themes, and to the range of the material. An intense family story, the director notes. Very early on, we had good feedback from the Filmstiftung NRW and the MEDIA Program which gave us funding to develop the screenplay in peace and quiet, he recalls and points out that they had all of today s leading German actresses interested in playing the young American woman Glass who raises her two twins Phil and Dianne in a small German town.

Then we looked outside of Germany and thought [Danish actress] Iben Hjejle, who we knew from Mifune, would be the right person for the part, Simon adds. We sent her the screenplay and received a very positive feedback in return. She is the perfect person for the role! Indeed, K5 may look at constructing the film as a co-production in production. Simon stresses that the film will be a faithful adaptation of the novel which is being published by Random House in the US this year: We needed some time to find the right rhythm.

I think it will be a more mature film with more depth, and what we both liked about it is that the story has very important issues but without the typical German gravity. It ll be a drama, but also with a helping of humor because that s important for us, Simon explains. I had wanted make a short about a nuclear family with friends of mine who had a child. In addition, books by Marlen Haushofer and Ingeborg Bachmann were also a catalyst for the storyline. And I liked the idea of setting the film in a small town like Kassel. It is another quiet story with strong visual narrative, an Autorenfilm in the best sense of the word, says producer Katrin Schloesser of the Berlin-based Oe Filmproduktion whose past credits include Jargo, Befreite Zone, Sonnenallee and Wege in die Nacht.

It was important for Uli that he had a long shooting schedule and the opportunity to interrupt the shooting to be able to write and look at the footage. It was unusual for a small production that we could commit the team and actors for such a long time Isabelle Menke and Hans-Jochen Wagner Sie haben Knut both work in the theater.

It was also clear that we would have rehearsals beforehand and it was a very intensive preparation. At the center of Koehler s new film is a young woman who breaks out of her seemingly happy family routine for a few days. On returning to her husband and daughter, she realizes that this breaking out has not been without consequences. The way back into normality won t be so easy. As in Bungalow, Koehler doesn t show his protagonist a way out of her dilemma.

His goal is simply the portrayal of her identity crisis. According to Menke, who was cast as the young woman Nina, playing such a figure demands a lot of faith in the screenplay and the director. This worked for me because I liked the script and also liked Bungalow. What was difficult for me to play were exactly the things I liked so much in the first film. Here, it is as if I am looking as a spectator into a terrarium where all kinds of termites and other creatures are scrambling around. Nothing is explained, but for some reason I cannot take my eyes off of this terrarium. The screenplay is reduced to only the very necessary, she continues.

And you hear longer dialogues off camera. In this film, it is more about the little things that one can catch without having them served up on a plate. Which is exactly what producer Kirsten Hager did when then artist, now writer-director, Johannes Brunner pitched her Oktoberfest. It s the second most-known German word after Autobahn! It s the biggest Volksfest in the world. You have to experience it to believe it. My first time, I was astounded by the sheer size of the thing! It is so big! The number of people, all with the wild urge to party!

Munich gets six million visitors in just two weeks! So once the idea was a done deal, Hager and executive producer Markus Welke then spent the next two years developing the script, shaping and reshaping the film s some separate, other intertwined, parallel-running stories into a cohesive and filmable whole.

As Hager says, there are many stories with different emotions. Some people meet, others part, some fall in love, there is success versus failure. The challenge was to make all this work on one of the greatest live stages in the world. You might think such a challenge would have driven Welke, if not mad, then certainly to drink! But life is full of surprises and he describes the experience as not nearly as hard as we thought. We filmed before, during and after the fest and for the location work the team and actors were prepped and we filmed almost secretly.

The organizers as well as the main Hofbraeu tent were most helpful and we also used the hand camera for its ease and authenticity. Apropos authenticity, cameraman Thomas Riedelsheimer is not only a documentary filmmaker in his own right but has received numerous awards, including the German Film Award for Rivers and Tides. Pauli Nacht , and Mondscheintarif In , the continuing partnership with director Sherry Horman saw Maenner wie wir prove that you don t have to be gay or a football fan to enjoy a comedy about gay footballers, as thousands of German cinemagoers also discovered.

For Hager, a good film is one which entertains and touches, and Oktoberfest is set to do both. Warchild was inspired by the real case of a Bosnian grandfather who followed a lead to England where he found his grandchild. Years later, she learns that her child is still alive and with adopted parents in Germany.

She sets off to look for Aida, her daughter, and travels illegally to Germany. Her odyssey ends at the home of the German couple, but Aida is no longer the small child of the past. Senada is disturbed by this realization, but slowly grasps the fact that she must say goodbye to the beautiful, peaceful dream that was stolen from her long ago. Warchild weaves its tale by use of the characters tension and gestures as well as the suppressed and unspoken emotions of the protagonist, creating along the way a gripping family constellation along the lines of the Scandinavian narrative, and a magical ending, director Wagner explains.

In spite of the intensity, the anxiety and drama result in total relief for Senada at the end. For Wagner, the film is a psychodrama in which everyone eventually finds justice. The first part of the trilogy, the minute prologue Zita, had its premiere at the Turin International Film Festival where it was awarded the Jury Special Prize. The third part the road movie Alcatrash will follow three young women, the German-born children of guest workers, on their way back to their homeland, who end up after a series of mysterious detours as prisoners on one of the lost islands of the Danube delta.

That means always looking for the next big thing and defending their status. When another crew injures their honor it leads to a heated creative conflict. The KSB set off to spray an entire commuter train, a "Wholetrain, unleashing a chain of events that will change their lives. I pitched him and it went from there. Gaag knows his subject is controversial: The culture has many faces. Most people find tags ugly whereas masterpieces, or pieces, can be very beautiful. It s all too easy to condemn.

And it was all too easy a project to turn down. It was very difficult to finance. Finding people who believed in the project was very hard. Gaag found more of those people at Neue Goldkind Film, a company not afraid to tackle a diverse range of genres and subjects as long as the quality comes first.

Among their previous credits: Casting was also no cakewalk, Gaag describing it as a very, very, very, very long process involving a nationwide process whereby he finally ended up with people familiar with the culture. Some hadn t acted before and, above all, the others haven t had a classic acting education but are self-taught. They had to be authentic to viewers and the graffiti world. When it came to locations no German city or state would have us!

The German rail blocked us nationwide! West Europe didn t want us! We looked east and almost got a permit in Prague and then almost in Budapest. Finally Warsaw said yes! They re super locations and give the film something special. We also had lots of freedom and support from the Polish service providers and authorities. It s a very fertile place to make a film. Gaag s hope is that Wholetrain closes the gap between insiders and outsiders. It s not just for a youth audience but perhaps also for people who don t have anything to do with the culture, he says. It s not a film which communicates in all directions.

It portrays a closed world and audiences must have the courage to look at it. Her greatest enemy is loneliness which she tries to combat with an affair and one-night stands. Maria is borderline, she has problems defining boundaries. Then one day she meets Jan. They grow closer and Maria realizes that for the first time ever, a close and honest relationship might be possible.

She tries to break with her former life, but being afraid of failure, she doesn t know how. She does her best to keep her past secret from Jan, but by doing so unwittingly heads for a catastrophe. Also active as a writer and photographer, his films inlcude: In her will, she decrees that the two brothers Jakob and Samuel will only be allowed to have their inheritance on the understanding that they at last settle their differences and follow the Jewish tradition to the letter to honor the recently departed.

This all comes at a most inconvenient moment for Jakob who has successfully suppressed all knowledge of his Jewish roots over the years since he is up to his neck in debts which he wanted to clear by competing for the , prize in the European Pool Tournament. When she meets the pretty free-spirit Judith, she believes to have found someone with whom she can share her dreams.

After cultural studies at the Humboldt University in Berlin from , she worked as a TV journalist, author, and assistant director. Her films include the shorts: Fliessen lassen , Carpe mortem , Schwesternliebe , and Anemone Heart Anemonenherz, Michael Martins, a police officer out in the country investigating a local murder, follows the developments in the capital as Engel has also been accused of this murder.

After a fight with his father-in-law, Martins takes off for Berlin to follow his lead.

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But instead of being difficult, Engel is most cooperative with Martins. The Berlin-police try to use Martins to get more information out of Engels, but it is Engels who is in fact pulling the strings. When Martins finds proof that Engels is his man, he returns to his village, but is later disappointed to hear that the evidence turns out to be false.

Then Engels tries to kill himself and, on his deathbed, will only speak to Martins about the true identity of the murderer. Martins is shocked when Engels tells him that his own son could be the murder. Confused, Martins secretly takes a DNA probe from his son and is stunned when the results return as positive. Not knowing what to do, Martins gives his son a rifle and takes him out on a hunt, but he doesn t plan to return. In the meantime, the police in Berlin realize that Martins and his son are the victims of Engels last deadly case.

The boy is innocent. And in a race against time, they try to stop Martins and to save his son. Bressler When you see Joe, taking a stoic drag of her cigarette or pulling her hood up to the nape of her neck, you re reminded of Marlon Brando and wonder if she s really a girl. Without doubt, she is much prettier than those dolled up, roller-skating girls in angora sweaters. But in Eberswalde she is considered unattractive, an outcast, a rebel without choice. Eberswalde is a hopeless place where between being on welfare and alcoholism, only harshness can thrive.

And so Joe doesn t fight it, shrugs her shoulders, keeps a low profile and tries her best to work at the job the welfare office has found for her. But conforming to the situation isn t easy. She has constant bouts of aggression, loses her temper and always ends up getting fired. She has no choice but to keep going towards the inevitable confrontation with her dream of following in her fathers footsteps and becoming a boxer. About a Girl is a beautiful trip to liberation.

Joe has to prove herself in a male-dominated boxing club where girls aren t tolerated. Then she runs into a girlfriend and learns that one can be pretty without being dumb. And when the most wonderful guy in town becomes her boyfriend, she is tempted and decides to become a loyal wife whose only sparing partner is a milk carton. But she wouldn t be Joe if she didn t lose her temper every now and then.

Once again, she is unable to avoid confrontation with her dream and decides to go to Berlin to fight. After a directorial internship at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus theater in Hamburg, she studied Germanic Studies with an emphasis in Theater and Media, during which time she participated in a video short film group.

A selection of her films includes: He s looking for his wife. He will find her in a sanatorium and take her back to Paris with him. His wife goes to Berlin every year. She is desperately searching for her daughter. In , their daughter was abducted at the age of three. And she has remained unaccounted for. One day the woman discovers a girl, Nina. She is a vagrant, a drifter.

An itinerant, young woman. She roams around with another girl named Toni. She s a girl who takes what she wants. The wife believes that Nina is her missing daughter. Ghosts are apparitions who don t want to accept that they are dead. They haunt the twilight regions, the realm between the living and the dead. They hope that love can make them come alive again. It is phantoms like these, which concern us here. His other highly-acclaimed films include: Young Lem, like so many war orphans, is caught by communist soldiers and taken to the children's orphanage. This is where his true hardship begins.

The orphanage is in fact an ideological labor camp where the children of the enemies of the revolution are brought to be ideologically reprogrammed. Here, in the spirit of the Great Revolution, the deeds of the Communist Party are glorified and order and discipline rule the day. However even this dungeon has its secrets and Lem has a premonition that something unusual is about to happen. A mysterious and charismatic looking boy, Isaac, arrives and from the very beginning it is clear that he is somebody special, the first one with the courage to question authority and stoically endure the brutal consequences of such actions.

Lem is intrigued by the mystique that surrounds Isaac and feels that this boy might be the solution for his desperation. He sets out to create a bond of friendship with Isaac as his only chance for survival. From this moment on, nothing in the orphanage will be as before. He has worked in a wide range of genres including comedy, docu-drama, experimental and historic drama. As a producer, Trajkov was involved in more than 60 episodes of the critically acclaimed documentary series Unexplained Deaths.

And the winner takes it all But within the beauty of the French landscape and the suspension of the race, Academy Award-winner Pepe Danquart also tells about the torture and the pain, the fear and the weaknesses of the men. Hell on Wheels offers a true insight into the tour and brings us close to the individuals on the bike. We see the tears of those who are out of the race and the joy of those, who suffered but fulfilled their biggest dream: To reach the finishing-line of this hardest race of all. The film gives a review of the genesis and history of the tour in its hundred years of existence, shows the gigantic organization of the tour, the fanatic crowd along the route and in front of TVs worldwide.

Hell on Wheels presents an outstanding inner view of one of the biggest sports events. His other films include: Daedalus , a segment of Das 7. The year is , both just turned twenty and their life that was actually just beginning is brutally disrupted.

Summer Cem & BAUSA ` CASANOVA ` [ official Video ] prod. by Juh-Dee

Matthias and Susanne get arrested und Suse is left behind on her own. It s not until sixteen years later that the three of them are finally ready to see each other again. They return to the places of their past. The film shows how Matthias and Susanne walk through the frontier forest in the Czech Republic. How Susanne stands in her former prison cell, how the three of them slowly retrieve their unequal lives and how painful the memory still is, even after twenty years. It shows how friendship turned into deep distrust.

What can one possibly say in a moment like this? They have turned into strangers in the meantime leaving just a little rest of collective past to connect their lives. After studies in Social Sciences and Philosophy, he trained as an actor from and staged his own productions. In , he began studies in Direction. And we mustn t forget the local mafia, either! The young Turkish hip-hopper Ibo wants to make the first German kung-fu film, so he practices by making an extremely successful commercial spot for his uncle s kebab stand.

Everything seems to be going his way until his girlfriend tells him she s pregnant His girlfriend leaves him and his parents kick him out of the house. His uncle promises to help him patch things up with his parents, if he ll make another commercial for him. But this time, the second spot is a flop. Frustrated, he gives in to the temptations of the rival Greek restaurant-owner across the street and his beautiful daughter!

Once the mafia gets involved, Ibo can finally put his kung-fu talents to the test. In his new school he meets Thomas, leader of a radical right wing clique. The very first question from his new classmates is: Where do you stand politically? Mirko Borscht was born in in Cottbus. Also active in the theater and with extensive experience as a first AD, his films include: Maeuseboxen short, , Bastard!

The Chemical Biology of Nucleic Acids by G??nter Mayer (2010-07-13)

In Lost and Found, six young filmmakers from this region present their personal views on the subject of generation and the many changes that sometimes separate them radically from their parents generation. There are moving tributes to traditional values in a world of rapid technological change Bulgaria and to the pragmatic, can-do spirit of the elder generation Serbia-Montenegro.

Linking each of these stories is an animated short from Estonia that celebrates life itself. In Lost and Found, a generation takes a look at itself and confidently asserts its position in a new Europe. Winsome or dark, light-hearted or gripping each film is a unique work of art, a different facet of the rough gem that is the cinematic landscape of these countries. Nadejda Koseva The Ritual was born in in Sofia. Cristian Mungiu Turkey Girl was born in in Romania. Jasmila Zbanich Birthday was born in in Sarajevo. The opportunity of a lifetime has crossed paths with Shmuel and Siso; or so they think.

They ship the car to Germany, and bring themselves and their dreams to Hamburg where their nightmare begins. Meanwhile, Shmuel experiences a very disturbing hallucination. The family stories of the Holocaust are taking over his mind A film about friendship and reconciliation surrounded with the memories of the dark days in the history of Germany and Israel.

Verete teamed up with the director Daniel Waxman for Hammsin His first feature film was Koko is 19 His second feature as a director, Yellow Asphalt , was shown at several international festivals and won the Special Jury Prize in Cologne. To test the young prince, Drosselmeier gives him one of two magic nuts.

Each one has the power to make a wish come true. Drosselmeier cautions his nephew to treat the nut with great care, as it is extremely powerful. Dismissing his uncle s warning, the prince carelessly plays with the nut as he muses that life would be much more fun if everyone were a toy. But just at that very moment, he carelessly flicks the nut into the fireplace.

In a flash, the prince and his servants are turned into toy nutcrackers that although their mouths open and close can no longer move or speak. Hoffmann Editor Martin A. All he needs is the second magic nut. Drosselmeier persuades Clara, a young girl who is enchanted by the nutcracker prince, to set off on a mission to save the kingdom. She embarks on an adventurous journey to a magical land with rock candy mountains and marshmallow skies, where toys spring to life.

As Clara and the nutcracker prince battle the mouse king, the prince learns the true meaning of friendship and the power of love. But will they be able to reverse the magic spell and save the kingdom from tyranny? He then completed several traineeships as a timer and editor and worked as a production manager and voice cast supervisor in Berlin and New York. Also active as a writer, his films include: Mister Bird , Alicia! An elderly Russian woman comes to the aid of a young English woman who s been robbed. They go to the police to report the robbery, but the policemen are busy keeping rivaling football fans from attacking one another.

Germans in the Orient: To get insurance money, a young German backpacker pretends he s been robbed. At the police station, everything runs according to plan Galatasaray shoots a goal and ties the score. The Pilgrim and the Native: A Hungarian history professor on a pilgrimage is robbed of his camera. He asks a policeman for help, but the man is much more interested in how people talk in Hungary is it similar to Finnish? More important, it s time for Siesta. The teams are tied. Two French street artists who are continually broke decide to report their luggage as stolen to get the insurance money.

Active in all areas of filmmaking, his films include: However for financial reasons, Rosa decides to marry the much older, but powerful and wealthy geologist van Tonderen. In a great effort, Hans, along with his expedition team, tries to locate a gold deposit but his stepbrother Albrecht wants to defeat him by every means possible. In a spectacular race, both gangs try to make it to the deposit first. Albrecht triumphs and Hans ends up bankrupt. But Hans is not about to give up and once again takes up the fight against nature and hardened competitors.

A strange sample of soil turns out to be platinum a sensation that nobody ever expected to find in South Africa. The duel between Albrecht and Hans reaches it s climax and this time Hans triumphs over his rival. But this last fight could only be won with the support of real friends and true love: During the showdown, Rosa is accidentally wounded and dying while Hans, vanishing in a plane over the horizon, has not yet realized that she sacrificed herself to save his life.

After Absolut Warhola and The Center, Reality Shock shows a wonderful and worldly innocent group of people that through political and economic changes and the eastern enlargement of the EU have been ripped out of their isolation and stagnancy. Worried, perplexed and even indifferent, they test the contact to a new era in their own whimsical way. In a stinky Lenin-bar, among good-humored gravediggers, promising kindergarten children, and plump little trolls, the director comes across a group of strangers to whom the concept of Europe seems just as alien as the UFO that once landed in their midst.

They knew the psychology and the language of the enemy better than anybody else. In Camp Ritchie, Maryland, they were trained in intelligence and psychological warfare. Not always courageous, but determined, bright and inventive, they fought their own kind of war. They were victors, not victims.

They were young and the world s most unlikely soldiers with the greatest motivation to the fight this war: They called themselves The Ritchie Boys. He lectured at the University of Munich and wrote film reviews for major German newspapers. An independent filmmaker and producer since , he has directed more than fifty documentaries. In , he was awarded the Adolf Grimme Award for his film on the last days of an American army garrison in Bavaria, Farewell Bavaria Ken does not understand what he sees.

His parents, who flew from the Nazis and lost relatives in concentration camps, remain silent.

Thus, the horrible images traumatize Ken deeply. As an adult, he dedicates himself to the search for these human relics. After years of private investigation, Ken actually discovers pieces of tattooed human skin from Buchenwald in Washington. Preserved as evidence for Nazi war-crimes trials in US archives, they had long been forgotten and are only brought back into public light by Ken s obsessive search.

But the whereabouts of the human skin lampshade, missing since the end of the war and always doubted by Holocaust deniers, remain a mystery to Ken. In Buchenwald he finally finds a lampshade exhibit made of plastic. Is the human skin lampshade nothing more than a myth, a dubious instrument of post-war reeducation? Ken s search for the truth finally casts new light on a dark family secret.

The survival of Kens parents had a terrible price. Afterwards she worked as a spokeswoman of a renowned event management agency for pop, rock and classical music and sporting events. She then switched to television and began her film career directing sport, art and cultural documentaries for the broadcaster Freies Berlin.

An illusion of purity, for it covers up pain and sorrow. Elisabeth, a writer who just lost her husband in an accident, has come here to take her life. But instead of finding her own death, she finds the snow-covered body of an old woman, Ina, and traces of a powerful passion that take us back to After her mother s death, Ina runs her family s secluded farm alone with her father, Knoevel, a bitter man whose worst enemy is life itself. Cruel and violent, he terrorizes his daughter, who is too loyal to leave him.

Then Aron enters her life. A stranger with a dark secret. A man of few words, but with a heart. Their love turns into a passion that seems able to triumph over Ina s misery and Aron s restlessness. Yet Knoevel relentlessly torments Ina, driving her to commit an act that can only be seen as a redemption.

Ina is free and Elisabeth finds the strength to go on with her own life in the passion that burned in this land of snow. Geissendoerfer Screenplay Hans W. During extensive journeys in Africa and Asia, he made his first 16 mm documentaries and underground films. In he directed Der Fall Lena Christ. Beyond the Seven Mountains, in the depths of the enchanted forest live the most famous bachelors in history: Now dwarves are not gnomes or midgets in pointy caps, dwarves are men who live according to a strict code of honor.

And one of the many popular misconceptions is that they are small. Just because dwarves may start out small like everybody else for that matter doesn t mean they stay small. In fact, they are far, far more big-hearted than most people. As the saying goes: The Seven Dwarves have lived in the remote forest for ages, by choice a female-free zone so to speak. They know only too well how heartless women can be and prefer harmony to heartbreak.

But when Snow White enters their lives on the run from the evil Queen they lose it, totally. They simply can t resist her innocent charm. He is currently working on another feature project, Die blaue Banane. Seven Dwarves is the Brothers Grimm as you ve never seen them before. The White Rose is formed, a resistance movement dedicated to the downfall of the Third Reich. Sophie Scholl joins the group as its only female member an innocent young girl who matures into a committed and fearless anti-nazi. On 18 February , Sophie and her brother Hans are caught distributing leaflets at the university and arrested.

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Over the next few days, Sophie s interrogation by the Gestapo officer Mohr evolves into an intense psychological duel. She lies and denies, schemes and challenges, lays down her arms and picks them up again, with greater force, nearly disarming her opponent. Then, the crushing evidence, the confession, and Sophie s last, desperate attempt to protect her brother and the other members of the White Rose. Moved by Sophie s uncommon bravery, Mohr even offers her a way out but at the price of betraying her ideals.

She doesn t feel any guilt, but it s a lonely Job. Her boss, Lewin is the only one she can trust, and he s a cold professional. While setting up a hit, she meets Lino, whose kind and easygoing nature fascinates her. They spend a night together, but no more. She cannot allow herself the luxury of a relationship. Her next mark turns out to be a contract killer who wants to retire. She is caught off guard, is wounded and only barely manages to escape. Not sure if she can still trust Lewin, she goes to Lino s.

He wants her to confide in him, but she can t. Gradually though, as she recovers, she opens up to him. Lewin tracks Anna down and insists that she attend to her unfinished business, which she does. When she then says she wants to retire, Lewin agrees on one condition. Till is a free spirit representing the simple wisdom and earthy humor of the peasant folk. In countless legends, he wanders the landscape of the late Middle Ages getting in and out of trouble and making fun of the rich and powerful. He has the universal appeal of a clown or court jester, instantly understood and embraced in every country.

In this totally new adventure, young Till is on his way to the bustling city of Boomstadt to visit his dear old grandfather, the slightly off-center wizard Marcus. The old man and his faithful assistant, the owl Cornelius, are cooking up a special magic potion of happiness. Unfortunately, however, the potion is sabotaged by Marcus old enemy Dr. Death, a skeletal figure, and Marcus disappears in a terrible explosion. Just like Alexander, Aleksandra is also widowed and had to leave her hometown at a very early age. She is originally from Vilnius in Lithuania.

During a dinner together, they come upon an inspiration: A sort of reconciliation cemetery for Germans in Gdansk and for Poles in Vilnius. Months later their idea becomes reality and they become a couple. Together they set up a foundation with Polish and German partners. But when the first funeral takes place at the Gdansk cemetery, they are both moved to tears, even though there is still one downer: Before long, the reconciliation cemetery becomes more and more commercial, while Aleksandra and Alexander s original hope of international understanding is cast by the wayside.

The powers of capitalism are stronger, and hard currency prevails over idealistic intentions. Also active in television and the theater, a selection of his films includes: The dry voice narrating his absurdly logical thoughts accompanies us through his battle to cope with the adults inscrutable world. The camera follows the child s point of view, picking up details which are slow in revealing themselves. In the end, Vincent liberates himself from his parents rules and discovers that the world is unpredictable, vast and beautiful.

Vincent marks his directorial debut. Olczyk The composer Mimi Nachtigal and the singer Venus Morgenstern fall madly in love with each other, fight for seven years, and then break up. After their separation, they both come to the painful realization that they each have lost the love of their life. At first, they try to drown their sorrows in two very different, but pragmatic ways: Venus takes on a new boyfriend, Mimi kills himself.

But when it finally occurs to them for Mimi in the afterworld and for Venus in the here and now that they simply cannot be without each other, it almost seems too late. He then started working in television as a floor manager before going to Munich s Kammerspiele Theater to become an assistant director.

His first work as a director for television was the series Muenchner Geschichten in He followed this by serving as a producer for an independent production company and directed such legendary TV series as Der ganz normale Wahnsinn , Monaco Franze , and Kir Royal His award-winning films include: Der Durchdreher , Schtonk! Game Over, Rien ne va plus A disaster! Annika doesn t dare to tell her parents. So every morning she leaves home pretending to go to school. She is hiding on a scrap yard, waiting for a good opportunity to confess. But the longer she waits the harder it is to tell the truth.

She doesn t want to disappoint anyone and no-one wants to listen to her. So she continues lying. The lie becomes the most important part of Annika s life and she is struggling to keep up appearances. It s an adventurous life to be a liar and it can be romantic too: She meets Kai, her first big love. But Annika s permanent lying threatens to destroy their love. His other script work includes: If he does return, he does so as a stranger. A white raven among all the black ones. It s a happy celebration. The mothers bid farewell to their sons.

There is a lot of drinking and laughing going on in the train. But tired and tattered men will return. After only a few months of war. What happened to them? Society sent them off for protection. They return with their experiences, scars and unhealed wounds. They ve lost their innocence. The mothers and wives hardly recognize their sons and husbands. We will take in these strangers. Nine years of war in Chechnya. A dirty and senseless war. A war of the hurt Russian empire. A war from which many profit. A war that no one wants to talk about. The relationship to Russia is more important.

Everyone is happy that the war has a new purpose: That sounds healthy and just. Since , he has been working as a cameraman, director and author. A selection of his award-winning films as a director includes: After working as an editor and dramaturge at the East German DEFA studios, she began making her own films in A selection of her directorial works includes: Small units guard a kilometer long mountain front at 3, meters above sea level and under most difficult replenishment conditions.

Cold Void tells the story of a group, who under extreme climatic conditions, are cramped together and faced with dwindling rations. The fight for survival puts the men s camaraderie to the test and the situation among them escalates. It s not matter of the heroic deeds of the characters, but rather a search for humanity in personal and moralistic failure.

Also active as a cameraman and director's assistant, he has directed the shorts Key Moment , Black Baby , Borneo , Jemand musste K. While the two women are doing their every day work, Jonas dreams away in a distant world where he can be close to his father. He keeps on drifting away. One of the few things he knows about his father is that he is a truck driver.